Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why do they have to get big?

I have been sitting here today looking through pictures trying to decide what pictures to print out (I am so bad about printing out pictures) and it hit me, children grow way too fast! Wes is so big, it honestly feels like he was just a baby last week and now he is a big boy who talks back to me every time I tell him to do something! Gracee is growing up too, she is still very little in size but is acting so much older now. She had her two month appointment today and she weighs 8lbs, putting her in the 3% for her weight. She is smiling now and holding her head up pretty good and moves all over the place! I love my children so much and I just want them to stop getting so big! Just last night Eric was looking at Gracee while she was asleep on me and said "I just want an exact replica of her at this size that I can hold so tight with out hurting and that will never get big!" We are so happy to be at this stage in life where our kids are little and we are trying to enjoy every minute, even the ones filled with crying!