Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Too Many NYC Pictures!

The Dwiggi's in NYC!

In front of NBC Studios

Sams Pizza in Patterson NJ

Time Square

Ashlee just before the drool-fest

Shea Stadium

Yankee Stadium

The view of Manhattan from our hotel room

Warning: Very Long Post! I have to apologize in advanced for this long post with so many pictures! If you can't tell I was way excited for this vacation and took way too many pictures(417 to be exact!). Don't worry I won't post them all and I am sorry to all our family who logged on to snap fish to view them because Eric did not erase any of them before he posted them there! So anyways, Eric, Wesley and I boarded a plane to JFK on Thursday May 22nd to spend a week having fun in New York and New Jersey. Originally Eric just wanted to go for the weekend to watch a Yankees and a Mets game since this is their last year at their current stadiums and he wanted Wes to be able to brag to all his friends when he grows up that he went to Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium, but of course I wanted some time to shop while we were there! Just kidding(kinda), I also really wanted to see New Jersey because that is where Eric served his mission and I have always wanted to go there and see where he lived and the chapels he attended and basically put a picture with all his funny stories he has told me. So off went to fulfill Eric's desire to go to the games and mine to see his mission and explore Manhattan! We spent the first night driving around the city and some of New Jersey and then getting checked in at the hotel, Eric flirted with the girl at the desk and got us into the private floor of the hotel for preferred guests only and I am glad he did because our view was amazing! The next day we spent in the city walking around everywhere and figuring out exactly what we wanted to do while we were there. The next day we spent the day in New Jersey going to all the areas Eric served in and seeing all the houses he lived in, it was really interesting to say the least to see some of the streets he would walk down! Eric's big surprise that day was that his favorite companion he ever had on the mission flew to New Jersey to surprise him at Banana King, yes you guessed it, Brian and Ginger Starkes flew in for the week as well! It was so fun to see them and be able to take a picture of the boys in front of the house they lived in together on the mission. We also were able to go with them to get a piece of pizza at Sam's, "The Best Pizza in the World" I have always heard and it was good! We spent a majority of our time we had left in Manhattan and at the baseball games, there is so much to do in the city that we would get up in the mornings and drive over to the city and park the car and leave it there all day and not get back to the hotel until 11pm or so every night! Wes had so much fun going to every toy store there was and to the Central Park Zoo, but I think he had the most fun on the Navy Ship with his Daddy! The whole trip was the most fun I have ever had in my life and it was so special to spend a full week with just my boys! I begged Eric to please let us move there, even if it was just for a few months so that I could take Wes to Central Park everyday! I am so grateful to have gone and I will never forget it, especially when I have 417 pictures to remind me of it!