Friday, January 16, 2009

Pictures from Vacation!

Much needed update!

So, I am just not that good of a blogger. I would like to say I just did not do it because of all the Holiday craziness but lets be honest, I am never very good at keeping up on it. So here is my quarterly update, we had a great Holiday season. Bryan, Eric's little brother and Wes's best friend, left for his mission a week before Christmas. We miss him a lot but he is doing great at the MTC just like we all knew he would, he leaves in February for Costa Rica. Oh, by the way for anyone who doesn't know already, we are having a baby Girl! Gracee should be coming to our family in about 8 weeks and we are so excited! We just finished up her room last week and it feels great to be almost done getting prepared for her arrival. We just got home last night from going on a road trip to California. We were lucky enough to borrow my Papa John's RV and go for 5 days around California. We went to our friends Jared and Diana's in Temecula and had a great time with them the first day. Then we were off to Disneyland or Mickey's house as Wes calls it. We had a blast there and Wes was such a good boy, he loved all the rides. We spent the last couple days in Monterey, Eric lived there for 3yrs so it was way fun to see all the fun things he used to do. The aquarium there is out of control, it is huge and so much fun. Our whole vacation was great and much needed. The best part was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in a 33 foot RV towing a jeep! If you have ever been on that highway you will know that it is the most windey road you would ever see! Eric loved it and did a great job! Well that's pretty much what we have been up to, I will try to make sure to post again before Gracee is born!