Sunday, October 21, 2007

Azure Dea Starkes

As many of you already know last Saturday 10-13-07 we lost our very dear friend Azure Starkes. She was involved in a car accident and past away very shortly after the accident occured. She had her 51/2 month old son Eric in the car with her and fortunately he was not hurt. Azure was one of the best examples to me in my life, she never took one day for granted. Azure's biggest dream in life was to be a wife and mother. During her pregnancy and even after her 20+ hours of labor which turned into a c-section I never once heard a complaint out of her about how hard it was to be a mom. She always said that she wanted it so bad so why would she ever complain! Azure had a amazing testimony and a great faith that shined out of her every time she would smile! Eric and I were able to enjoy many trips to fun places and many late nights full of laughter with Brian and Azure before our babies were born and even after our boys were born we enjoyed many talks about motherhood and about our plans to have our boys grow up to be best friends! We will miss Azure every day and we will continue to have our boys be the best of friends! We are so lucky to have known Azure and we are so thankful to still have Brian and little Eric in our lives. Brian has got to be the strongest person we have ever met!
I wanted to share this story with everyone because I know that because of the example Azure was to us and because this has shown us that you never know when it will be your last day here on earth Eric and I have promised to never take another day for granted. Azure's memory has forever changed our lives and we will always remember to live each day to it's fullest. Also Azure's favorite saying was "When live is to much to stand....kneel" and that has been so true and helped all those who have morned the loss of such a wonderful person this past week. We wanted all our family and friends to know how much we love them and are so thankful to have them in our lives and for the amazing support system we have.
We will be holding a Benefit Garage sale for the Starkes Family this coming Saturday, October 27th at the home of David and Janna Dwiggins 3142 E. Fargo Circle Mesa, Az 85212. If anyone has items that they could donate to be sold at the garage sale that would be a great help. I would be happy to come by and pick stuff up or you could drop it off at Dave and Janna's, my house or Stacey Murphy's house. Thanks for all the support and let your friends know about the garage sale!