Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's been a while!

Hi everyone! I have been really bad about posting lately, actually I am always pretty bad about posting! Sorry, I know my blog is pretty boring. Anyways, we have had so much fun these last few months. It was Wesley's birthday, he turned 2 on September 2nd and we had a fun Birthday party with all his friends. We went camping with the Rooney's, it was so much fun! Wes loves being outdoors and playing in the dirt. He also loves the Rooney girls, Ryanne and Bentlee are some of his best friends! Then at the beginning of this month Wes and I went to Playhouse Disney live with Stacey and Caden and Cadie and Danny. I have never seen Wes so happy! He got spoiled and was amazed by Rocket and all the other characters. It was definitely a time I will always remember. Just this past week it was Eric's birthday, he had to work and it was a long day so we didn't so too much but he said he had a good day. Wes and I met him for lunch so it was nice to be able to see him in the middle of the day! I hope you have a great year being 27 babe, I love you! As far as everything in between all the fun, I am just getting bigger and bigger everyday.
I am 18 weeks and still at that not fun stage where if you don't really know me and see me you would probably just think I have a chunky belly. I think I would rather have my belly be really big so that at least people knew I was pregnant not just needing to loose a few pounds. Well I hope all our family and friends are doing great and having fun! I'll try to be better about posting!